Joshua was born in Edinburgh. He studied Theatre and Music at the University of Glasgow before training professionally at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. He has been a regular feature on BBC Radio Four’s nature documentary series ‘Natural Histories’ and most recently has been recording numerous voiceovers for Amazon. His audiobook clients include Penguin Publishing, Harper Collins, Pan Macmillan and Orion to name but a few. 

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Mary Colwell, BBC Radio Four producer
Josh has a rich, expressive voice which seems to suit every mood. His reading of poetry and prose alike is wonderful. He is professional and personable to deal with and has always come to recording sessions well prepared. He takes direction exceptionally well.
Mary Colwell, BBC Radio Four producer
Joshua Manning has a layered and rich vocal range and a distinctive power that’s all the more impressive when you are close to him delivering the words. I could listen to him all day.
Julian Hector, BBC Radio Four producer


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Website: http://www.vocalpoint.net/

Phone: +44 (0)20 7419 0700

Email: ben@vocalpoint.net

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